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Sunday Brunch Buffet Closed

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 Cocktails Avaliable from the bar. gift certifacates are not vaild for any of our Sunday Brunches. The Blu Tavern apologizes if you had to wait for some items on our buffet.  We are adjusting our ways to accomodate the larger crowds.  Please be patient while we refill the buffet. Resevations are suggested for larger groups.


Adults - $14.95 includes Coffee & Hot Tea, Ages 5-10 $7.95, Under 5 Free.

Our Buffet includes: 

Assorted Danishes,    Muffins & Cookies,    Assorted Juices,    Fresh Fruit,

Belgium Waffles w/toppings,    Scrambled Eggs,    Apple-wood Bacon

Sausage Links,  Home Fries,    Omelet Station,    Salad Station,

Soup Du jour,      MeatLoaf,    Pasta,   Vegetable,    Potatoes,

Carved Black Oak Ham.

Every Sunday we will feature different items in both the breakfast and lunch areas.

Brunch/Brunch.3.15.jpg Brunch/Brunch.2.15.jpg Brunch/Brunch.1.15.jpg Brunch/IMG_0792.JPG
Brunch/IMG_0791.JPG Brunch/IMG_0790.JPG Brunch/IMG_0789.JPG Brunch/046.JPG
Brunch/045.JPG Brunch/044.JPG Brunch/043.JPG Brunch/042.JPG
Brunch/041.JPG Brunch/040.JPG